Rossini caviar

White Sturgeon

The perfect introduction to caviar!

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The lustrous ebony sheen of these pearls embodies this exclusive white sturgeon caviar

White Sturgeon caviar is a truly exceptional caviar, characterized by its delicate and rich flavor profile, smooth and almost velvety texture, and distinctive appearance. As the caviar grains burst on the tongue, they release a luscious, buttery richness followed by a creamy backdrop and hints of nuttiness, that adds depth and complexity to the flavor.

The large grain roe has sublime soft texture that delivers a satisfying pop releasing the full-bodied flavors in a delicate yet impactful manner.


From a flavor point of view, the White Sturgeon is the perfect introduction to caviar.


STURGEON ROE (Acipenser Transmontanus), salt, E285


NUTRITIONAL DATA per 100 grams:

Energy: 1072 kJ/257 kcal, Fat: 15,7 g (of which saturates: 3,5 g), Carbohydrates: 0,0 g (of which sugars: 0,0 g), Protein: 27,1 g and Salt: 2,4 g


behind the

White Sturgeon

3,2 mm and up


Mild, creamy and buttery with a subtle hint of saltiness


The perfect introduction to caviar! Delicate flavor, large grains and a smooth, almost velvety texture.

The White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus) is an ancient species and is considered one of the oldest species of fish in existence, dating back millions of years. It can live for over 100 years and reach impressive sizes, with some sturgeons growing up to 6 metres in length, weighing over 600 kilo. Our sturgeons flourishes in natural ponds fed by pure ground waters until the caviar is processed - at 11 years of age.