Rossini caviar

Oscietra Gold

Exquisite golden color and intense flavour

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One of the most exclusive types of caviar on the market.

Our Oscietra Gold caviar boasts a luxurious and distinctive flavor profile that is highly sought by caviar aficionados. It is renowned for its complex and bold taste, characterized by a harmonious blend of rich and nutty notes, complemented by a delicate and balanced acidity. The grains offer a satisfying pop on the palate, releasing a creamy and buttery texture that melts delicately.

With its stunning golden color caviar and intense flavor it is considered as being amongst the more exclusive types of caviar on the market. From its distinctive color to its unparalleled taste, our Oscietra Gold is a feast for the senses that leaves a lasting impression.



STURGEON ROE (Acipenser Guldenstaedtii), salt, E285


NUTRITIONAL DATA per 100 grams:

Energy: 1059 kJ/254kcal, Fat: 16,0 g (of which saturates: 6,0 g), Carbohydrates: 1,0 g (of which sugars: 0,8 g), Protein: 26,7 g and Salt: 3,7 g


behind the

Oscietra Gold

2,7 mm and up


Intense, high acidity, nutty

Medium firm

Complex and bold taste with a harmonious blend of rich, nutty notes and a delicate, balanced acidity.

The Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon is renowned for its exceptional caviar and majestic presence in the waters they inhabit. The sturgeon reaches maturity at 12 to 14 years of age and in average only 30 kilo out of 100 kilo of Osciestra caviar can be classified as “Gold”. This particular grading (selection) was formerly reserved for the Shah. This caviar is salted 3,7% and matured for 10-12 weeks.