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Rossini Caviar is a Michelin partner and Scandinavia’s leading supplier and producer of caviar. Since 1999, we have supplied caviar of the highest quality to Michelin- and top restaurants worldwide. As the preferred supplier to some of the most creative, talented, and innovative chefs on the planet, we dedicate ourselves to making some of the world’s finest caviar.



As a Michelin partner, we work in close collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned chefs in driving innovation and creativity within our industry.

Caviar from Rossini Caviar is known as a main component in several Michelin chefs’ signature dishes and an integral part of the menus at some of the world’s best restaurants.

At Rossini Caviar we are dedicated to setting new standards of quality and we work tirelessly to be in the position among the world’s best within our field. Rossini Caviar is more than just a supplier of the world’s finest caviar to Michelin-starred restaurants.

We are a sparring partner to top chefs, working collaboratively to develop innovative culinary creations that elevate the dining experience to new heights.

We work diligently to understand a chef’s vision, share our expertise, and help create unique and visually stunning dishes that showcase the delicate flavors of our caviar.


Business areas

Rossini Caviar also supplies a wide range of luxury products, including traditionally processed smoked salmon, trout and salmon roe to a large number of delicatessens, larger retail chains and airports. 



Rossini Caviar was founded in 1999 by owner and CEO Jacob Rossini.

Jacob Rossini is recognized as one of the leading experts in caviar and is considered one of the first in the world to see the benefits of switching from wild to farmed caviar.

When he presented his caviar at several international blind tastings to chefs and experts in the field, Rossini Caviar’s farmed caviar received top marks and special mention for its quality and taste.

Today, many years later, the world market consists exclusively of caviar from farmed sturgeon.

Jacob Rossini works in close collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned chefs in driving innovation and creativity. Today he travels around the world and holds Caviar Master Classes for chefs and caviar aficionados.


Jacob Rossini’s path to the world of luxury foods was unexpected. Born in 1971, he grew up in a small town outside Copenhagen, in a communist collective with his mother, who was a primary school teacher.


After a diving accident in the Caribbean, Jacob returned to Denmark and found a job at Café Victor in Copenhagen. He started helping the chefs in the kitchen and something caught his interest – Danish trout roe.


What he learned shocked him. As it turns out, Denmark was the world’s premiere trout roe producer, yet the product was relatively unknown to Danes – all quality roe was shipped to Japan.

Jacob Rossini’s passion for the product led him to buy up 5 tons of trout roe from a remote fishing hamlet in Årøsund and start knocking on the doors of large sushi chains, seafood retailers, and other potential customers.


However, selling the product turned out to be more challenging than he had anticipated, and he was close to being stuck with an excessively large batch of unsold trout roe. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Jacob Rossini found a buyer for the last of his 2 tons of trout roe in France.


The Frenchman, aware of Jacob Rossini’s difficult situation, agreed to take the entire load at Jacob’s cost price + 2% profit.

Jacob Rossini made a bold demand that he be given access to buy the man’s caviar and his expertise in return for the deal.


The plan worked, and over the next two years, the man from France, a veteran of the business and one of the best Caviar packers in the world, taught young Jacob Rossini all he knew about an industry that Jacob would eventually dominate.


Today, Jacob Rossini heads Rossini Caviar – a leading producer of luxury caviar, in an industry that is both incredibly simple and complex. The man from France remains one of Jacob Rossini’s closest partners to this day.

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