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Beluga caviar is often referred to as the "The King of all caviar".

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Beluga caviar is the epitome of luxury, prized for its unparalleled flavor profile, delicate texture, and striking appearance

Beluga caviar is the pinnacle of luxury, renowned for its exquisite and rich flavor profile, delicate texture, and striking appearance. Beluga offers a refined and harmonious flavor experience. Its combination of buttery richness, delicate saltiness, umami depth, nutty undertones, and gentle sweetness makes it a true delicacy.

The caviar is smooth, luscious, and velvety, with with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Its subtle saltiness enhances the overall flavor, while its distinct umami quality adds complexity. Subtle nutty undertones provide a pleasant contrast and add flavor layers, while a hint of sweetness adds balance. The taste is very refined and subtle.



STURGEON ROE (Acipenser Huso Huso), salt, E285


NUTRITIONAL DATA per 100 grams:

Energy: 1059 kJ/254kcal, Fat: 16,0 g (of which saturates: 6,0 g), Carbohydrates: 1,0 g (of which sugars: 0,8 g), Protein: 26,7 g and Salt: 3,1 g


behind the


3 mm and up

Dark charcoal grey to black

Velvety, creamy, buttery and nutty


Beluga caviar is widely considered to be the king of all caviar types, and for good reason.

The Beluga is known as the largest and rarest of all sturgeons. These fish mature at 34 to 36 years of age and can grow to 6 meters in length, and weigh as much as 1 tonne. The Beluga sturgeon flourishes in a 16 kilometer long natural river system, fed by crystal clear mountain waters. The result is a beautiful large size roe with a delicate to fragile membrane, that literally melts on the tongue.