Rossini caviar


The rarest caviar of all.

Almas is the Russian word for diamond, which reflects the precious and luxurious nature of this delicacy.

Almas is one of the most expensive and rarest types of caviar in the world. These golden pearls comes from albino sturgeons and is an ultra-rare and highly sought-after delicacy, known for its unique appearance and exquisite flavor. It has a stunning light yellow golden, almost translucent shimmer and sometimes even possess a mesmerizing pale, and pearl-like appearance.

Albino sturgeons are incredibly rare, with only a small number of them existing in the world. This rarity, coupled with the fact that albino sturgeons produce fewer eggs than their non-albino counterparts, makes Almas caviar an incredibly extravagant delicacy and was historically reserved exclusively for Tsar. Almas is a caviar that is creamy, nutty, and delicately flavored, with a medium pop to the grain, yet smooth, silky texture that melts in the mouth.


behind the


3,0 mm and up


Light - sweet - creamy - nutty

Medium Firm

One of the most expensive and rarest types of caviar in the world.

Albino sturgeons can belong to various sturgeon species, including the Beluga, Oscietra, and Sevruga, which are highly prized for their caviar. The albino variations within these species are exceptionally rare. The mesmerizing appearance of albino sturgeons adds to their allure, as they possess an ethereal beauty that is highly coveted. Their pearl-like sheen and unique coloration give them an almost otherworldly quality, captivating the imagination of those who encounter them.