Rossini caviar

Organic Smoked Salmon

200 GRAM

€ 21,45

Our organic salmon is farmed in Norway and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. The fish is hand-salted and meticulously cold smoked using traditional methods, infusing it with a delicate yet distinct wood smoke flavor that harmoniously blends with the natural richness of the salmon.


Wood Smoke Undertones: Subtle, aromatic hints of wood smoke that enhance the natural flavor.


Complementary Salt Overtones: A perfect balance of seasoning that elevates the overall taste experience.


Superior Texture: Enjoy the firmer texture of our cold smoked salmon. It’s perfectly sliced and ready to be added to your favorite dishes or enjoyed on its own.


97% Organic farmed Atlantic SALMON (Salmo salar), 3% salt, natural smoke


NUTRITIONAL DATA per 100 grams:

Energy: 673 kJ/161 kcal, Fat: 7,7 g (of which saturates: 1,8 g), Carbohydrates: 0,0 g (of which sugars: 0,0 g), Protein: 22,8 g and Salt: 2,9 g

traditionally smoked &

hand salted

Salmon from Rossini Caviar is produced by traditional smoking methods where salmon is hand salted and smoked in a beech wood smoke house for 20-28 hours. This method differs significantly from the modern industrialized smoking process; it’s more time consuming and thus more costly. It is a lengthy process that requires experience and constant monitoring of the salmon but it is this timetested method that brings out all the important flavour nuances in the finest smoked salmon.