Rossini caviar

Artisan Caviar Spoon - Rose

Rossini Caviar x Josefine Rønsholt Smith

€ 265

The Rossini Artisan Caviar Spoon is a collaboration between Rossini Caviar and Goldsmith and Master of Arts Josefine Rønsholt Smith. The caviar spoon, handcrafted in Mother of Pearl and Sterling silver (925s), is a contemporary interpretation of the ultimate pairing between contrasting materials and the exquisite delicate flavour of the caviar.


Elevate your caviar moments and pay homage to tradition with the Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon – because savoring caviar is an art form, and every detail contributes to the masterpiece.

Crafted for connoisseurs and novices alike, this spoon transforms caviar indulgence into a ritual. Its timeless beauty and practicality make it a valuable addition to your culinary collection or a wonderful gift for the collector, the caviar aficionados or design enthusiast..


Each spoon is hand crafted, some details may vary.


The spoon can be used for all types of food. The spoon may be used in room temperature and in refrigerated temperature. The spoon should not be used for: microwave, oven or dishwasher.






Josefine is Rønsholt Smith is a Goldsmith and Master of Arts specializing in jewellery.

Her focus is to challenge traditional jewellery designs, while respecting the origins of the materials that she works with. She remains surprised by the public concept of jewellery design, and utilize such occasions to transcend these norms. 

As objects can evoke memories, Josefine Rønsholt Smith is interested in the exploration of our relationships with jewellery, and the diverse ways in which we connect with objects. She believes that our cultural contexts play a defining role in our attraction to objects, reminding us of our fascination with the impressions of life.